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Property Management

We manage all types of property from individual residential units such as houses apartments to

PRE'63 in multiple units and mixed use properties in commercial/residential use.

For all maintenance issues after hours emergency call outs we are available to tenants to ensure all these matters are dealt with.

As part of the management we arrange for all necessary works to be done pre/post letting and during the term of the tenancy.

In addition we will project management any refurbishment works from painting gas boilers floor covering all free of charge.

We also do the basic requirements rent collection inspections notice of rent increases and

deal with any tenant issues that may arise.

Tim Mc Donald has extensive knowledge of all related legislation covering the rental sector in Ireland including :


Housing (Standards for rented housing 2008/2009 regulations

Residential tenancies act 2004 including notice periods rent pressure zones

PRE'63 property planning self contained units and fire safety

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